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hentai games and galleries for girls please?!

2010-04-10 16:17:00 by YehYehYeh

Know of any here on NG? I'd be happy to play one. There's hardly any naked guys with big cocks in the Hentai Galleries.

Hentai dating sim for girls: It must have a hot guy to seduce, and you MUST be able to choose what to do in the sex!


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2010-04-10 16:20:33

HAAAA! HAHAHA..ha...hahaha..woooo that is hilarious

YehYehYeh responds:

hilarius? HOW?! im serious.


2010-04-10 16:41:39

hmm, considering almost the entire NG population is guys, there arent any.

maybe somebody will make one eventualy