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Script: Virtual Reality Becomes a Reality

2010-05-21 03:46:09 by YehYehYeh

Ashleigh Hill
Ashleigh is the main hero of the story. Confident and a bit of a rush, and quite immature in a mature way. She is sixteen and acts almost as if she was a little girl. She has tan skin, smooth curves, and light blue eyes. She wears a sleeveless (rips where the sleeves would be) shirt revealing her stomach (a ripped style bottom) in an army pattern. She wears a dark green army pattern mini skirt.

Jou Lenton
Jou is Ashleigh's best friend and at heart is in love with her. He wears a baggy shirt that hangs over his thighs, and long baggy jeans.

Lady Demilia
Demilia is a young woman at the age of twenty four. She is not very well known, and she is some trouble to society. She is full of power, strength, and overrall crimes. She dresses like a rebel and wears her hair like a punk.

Scene 1

Ashleigh - (teasingly) Hey Jou! You think you're ready for today?
Jou - (shyly) Huh? Ready for...w-what?
Ashleigh - (happily) Y'know, we bought this virtual reality game...
Jou - Huh? We're playing it TODAY?!


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2010-05-21 04:16:55

don't tell me this is going to be about romance

YehYehYeh responds:

It's not. It's comedy/action.