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Suggestion for Flash Game

2010-05-21 11:18:08 by YehYehYeh

Right, I've been waiting for something like this for a long time:

You play as the protagonist, (insert female name here), and get a mission to (insert mission here) on/in a boat/ship/plane/helicopter/island/beac h/city/wherever and there are lots of hot guys with jobs you'll love. (E.g. erotic dancers, maids, cooks...)

These guys have text boxes and certain tastes. But you know one thing, they're all willing to be your bitch at least once.

You can make love in various positions with these hotties, like 69, anal, cowgirl, etc. BUT it's not going to be easy. These guys aren't New York street whores who'll do just about anybody. You need to take your time with them.

What do you think? Here's hoping a game like this (sexy for girls) will come out.


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