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Castaway Story - Part 01

2010-06-11 04:16:52 by YehYehYeh

Rating: PG-16 (Probably won't stop teens from reading. Hell, it'll make teens read it.)


André - Army style woman, a castaway, more like, in a ripped sleeveless camoflauge shirt and a green mini skirt. Doesn't wear shoes because pain to her feet makes her kicks stronger. She has tan skin, at the level of a very bright brown, and long red hair down to her waist, with the bottom tied. She loves to fight off people and creatures, and is hoping for a "reward" from...

Lewis - A young man, just 17. Another castaway, but not-so army style as Andre. He wears blue camoflauge swimming shorts and a white vest, and often acts laid back. He can be sweet, but packs a punch when he needs it. Doesn't wear shoes either, mainly because he can't find any. He has short blonde hair.


[Camera on Andre, closed in on face drinking from straw]

[Zooms out, depicting Andre and Lewis having coconut thrpough a straw]

Andre - (Relaxed) Wish there was someone to fight round here. (In a confused manner) Hey, look!

[Lewis looks and sees a boat]

Lewis - (Cleverly) It's heading around us, Andy.

Andre - Fine, Lew.

Lewis - It's Lewis!



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2010-06-12 11:23:14

They're going to end up screwing, aren't they?