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Got laid.

2010-08-03 09:54:19 by YehYehYeh

He had a thirteen inch penis and his cum was yummy-yummy. His penis was soft and had no veins to ruin it, the tip went from light pink to a perfect red and his cum was warm, creamy, and wet. I felt so good. He was inside both my ass and my pussy. Oh god that was some hot sex. I kissed and sucked on his dick and sucked his neck and he has a hickey on his neck and his back now. We played around with chocolate sauce too. His mouth felt so good round my tits. There's still cum in my hair from last night. He's agreed to meet me again to try something different tonight. I'll write about what happened tomorrow.

Oh, he was a brunette, I love brunettes, he had green eyes, I like green eyes but not as much as blue or hazel, and he's a bit shorter and younger than me. I don't like older guys or taller guys. Or guys too young or too short for me. His cum went down my throat, in my hair, between my tits, on each of my tits, in my pussy, on my pussy, in my ass and on my ass. Oh, and we did some nice 69, along with giving eachother single oral sex. Yum-yum. It felt good with his mouth on my pussy, I got so wet. Oh, and when his finger went up my cunt, that was so uh-huh smexy. But the best was when I rode him like a cowgirl. Or maybe when I sucked him off while that chocolate sauce was on his dick.

I'll write about tonight... tomorrow.


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2010-08-03 09:57:37

What the shit? This was surprisingly different. I thought it was gonna be like this, I GOT LAID LOLOLLOLO FUK U UR VIRGINS LOLOLOL.

YehYehYeh responds:

I'm surprisingly the opposite of a virgin. ;)


2010-08-03 10:10:53

Do you want a medal or something?

YehYehYeh responds:

No thanks, a simple congrats and friends buying me a drink of beer would be enough.


2010-08-04 20:52:32

congrats! you were able to fuck and blow some guy off and describe it all over the Internet! your mother would be proud!