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Any hentai dating sims for girls?

2010-04-08 11:23:02 by YehYehYeh

Know of any here on NG? I'd be happy to play one. There's hardly any naked guys with big cocks in the Hentai Galleries.

Hentai dating sim for girls: It must have a hot guy to seduce, and you MUST be able to choose what to do in the sex!

Mine is in a hot tub. What's yours?

I mean, porn is porn. At least you get porn :P

any good cock jokes?

2010-03-21 15:55:34 by YehYehYeh

Heya guys I was wondering anyone here got any good cock jokes?

And anyone who thinks they can beat Ash Ketchum can suck his POKEBALLS!

LoL. I got summore too but I need fresh ones cos I love cock jokes cos they're usually funny. Yeah. So help a girl out here.

If it's the ol' piccy jokes enough of that cos I need text jokes ok guys I like cock jokes because they mostly are, I'm sure you all agree, funny.


Spot the joke :D

2010-03-20 13:34:20 by YehYehYeh

"The balls were large and pale," Said Asuka calmly. "They were HUGE, I tell you. Never seen balls like 'em in my life." Her voice echoed throughout the silent crowd, who stared. "In fact, they were so big, I couldn't see the mirror!"


Sexy Yuri Pictures

2010-02-10 11:01:05 by YehYehYeh

[Link](mature content:fingering)

Now copy these into the adress bar because I'm too lazy to supply links: 7PQm56s7zQvyGY18OR5lqbX2vWQsNuUrbGHGLn HU3BEMO19nkS58bnT1sggw95sNTdqv19Q3x1cN -PIXnPbW/yuri01.jpg 3/05182008/4/4/b/1/44b180994767e0_full .jpg GNmz01AdaiGyPs7kq-DTUbHy0DmC-0JV6U7DOi HlzGn*uFE0e9QkeXpHGLRya-BPZmlxc4M7KgOK fcld60Ib/Yuri1.jpg 9/rikuu_uchiha/yuri/normal_yuri.jpg i/wingsofdeath93/Yuri.jpg 14d79d020e3626a464983c063c6b i/Liz_A_Beth1/yuri.jpg

Also, some sites you should check out:

And more ^^ I supplied you with alot of Yuri pics though

Sexy Yuri Pictures

Perverted Female: YehYehYeh

2010-01-31 13:10:29 by YehYehYeh

In my school most of the boys are complete whores and sluts. They just like to do it >:( GUYS DONT LIKE TO DO IT IT'S AGAINST THERE NATURE!

Now to get to the point ^^:

Perverted Female: YehYehYeh

How to get to a girl:

2010-01-19 03:24:48 by YehYehYeh

1-Say hi
2-Talk boobs
3-Cock jokes
5-Hint of sexual feelings
6-Joke about gay people
7-Wink at them
8-Point and say there's something behind them
9-While they're distracted kiss their cheek
10-She should blush then
11-Compliment her boobs
12-Touch them
13-Hug her
14-Ask for her number
15-Call/text her your adress
16-Tell her to come by
17-Wear underwear only when she accepts to prepare
18-Sexy position, e.g. Bent over winking, lied on bed while licking lollipop, etc.
19-You say "Come here, I can make you feel special."
20-She should walk up to you
21-Pull her close and kiss her passionately
22-She should reveal herself in panties
23-Ask "Plz show me your boobs."
24-She should stuff her naked boobs in ur face
25-Squueze em!
26-She should start to ride you (cowgirl position)
27-Tell her you had a great night
28-Kiss her goodnight "Seeya daling..."

And voila!