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Last night was great

2010-08-04 13:23:59 by YehYehYeh

Last night me and that guy from two days ago went at it again. Last night I left my shirt and socks on, but he was all naked. Man, that ass...

I touched him and got him erect and ready. When I was on top of him he sounded so good with his moaning! I went harder, he got harder. And he's not one of those damn slutty two nighters, either, we're meeting eachother in my BMW in the car park tonight. I think I'm getting me some action.

Got laid.

2010-08-03 09:54:19 by YehYehYeh

He had a thirteen inch penis and his cum was yummy-yummy. His penis was soft and had no veins to ruin it, the tip went from light pink to a perfect red and his cum was warm, creamy, and wet. I felt so good. He was inside both my ass and my pussy. Oh god that was some hot sex. I kissed and sucked on his dick and sucked his neck and he has a hickey on his neck and his back now. We played around with chocolate sauce too. His mouth felt so good round my tits. There's still cum in my hair from last night. He's agreed to meet me again to try something different tonight. I'll write about what happened tomorrow.

Oh, he was a brunette, I love brunettes, he had green eyes, I like green eyes but not as much as blue or hazel, and he's a bit shorter and younger than me. I don't like older guys or taller guys. Or guys too young or too short for me. His cum went down my throat, in my hair, between my tits, on each of my tits, in my pussy, on my pussy, in my ass and on my ass. Oh, and we did some nice 69, along with giving eachother single oral sex. Yum-yum. It felt good with his mouth on my pussy, I got so wet. Oh, and when his finger went up my cunt, that was so uh-huh smexy. But the best was when I rode him like a cowgirl. Or maybe when I sucked him off while that chocolate sauce was on his dick.

I'll write about tonight... tomorrow.

Anyone tried...

2010-07-19 04:54:05 by YehYehYeh

Who here has tried cheesing? (Getting high on cat piss)

Castaway Story - Part 01

2010-06-11 04:16:52 by YehYehYeh

Rating: PG-16 (Probably won't stop teens from reading. Hell, it'll make teens read it.)


André - Army style woman, a castaway, more like, in a ripped sleeveless camoflauge shirt and a green mini skirt. Doesn't wear shoes because pain to her feet makes her kicks stronger. She has tan skin, at the level of a very bright brown, and long red hair down to her waist, with the bottom tied. She loves to fight off people and creatures, and is hoping for a "reward" from...

Lewis - A young man, just 17. Another castaway, but not-so army style as Andre. He wears blue camoflauge swimming shorts and a white vest, and often acts laid back. He can be sweet, but packs a punch when he needs it. Doesn't wear shoes either, mainly because he can't find any. He has short blonde hair.


[Camera on Andre, closed in on face drinking from straw]

[Zooms out, depicting Andre and Lewis having coconut thrpough a straw]

Andre - (Relaxed) Wish there was someone to fight round here. (In a confused manner) Hey, look!

[Lewis looks and sees a boat]

Lewis - (Cleverly) It's heading around us, Andy.

Andre - Fine, Lew.

Lewis - It's Lewis!


Ren ran to the plane, his strings moving each joint. "Come out with your hands in the air!" He growled, before the director stepped forward.

"CUT! What was that?" He said to the puppeteers. "All I saw was a puppet talking with his mouth CLOSED! Try to move the jaw next time, will you?"

They nodded and controlled him.

They made him run to the plane with the strings and moved the jaw, "Come out with your hands in the air!" He yelled.

The director yelled, "CUT!" and shook his head. "In that shot Ren DOESN'T blink. Try to be realistic!"

Again, Ren ran to the plane and yelled, "Come out with your hands in the air!" Waving his arms in the air.

"CUT!" Said the director yet again. "He blinks, he yells properly, but what I don't get is he puts his hands in the air after telling the supposed bad guys to put THEIR hands in the air."

Yet again, the puppeteers moved Ren to the plane and made him yell, "Come out with your hands in the air!" Holding the mini model of a shotgun facing the window to the plane.

The window opened and a puppet flopped about screaming "Never! We will not give in!"

"CUT!" The director madly yelled. "What was THAT? Did you put the floppy body on before it was supposed to fall?"

Twenty eight hours later, in the director's room.

"UGH! What was I thinking?" He murmured, "Puppets instead of actors isn't as easy as it sounds. Damn puppeteers don't get it right on the first try..." He picked up a puppet and stared at it, and its strings started to move. It said:

"Time to destroy everything!" It yelled.

Above the director's room in the attic, the puppeteers laughing histerically as they controlled the puppet.

"HELP!!! A puppet is attacking me!!!" Screamed the director as the puppet climbed on to his head and said:

"World domination for puppets!"

"Wait a minute..." The director slammed open the attic to see the puppeteers having fun. "OH, you can get it right having fun, but following a script is HARD?"

Another puppet came in through the door. "World domination for puppets!" It said.

"Um,'re not pulling any strings...and...that thing...came in?"

Outside was another puppeteer, who held the strings of the entire plot. "Heh heh...silly characters can't see me."

The evil puppet walked in, and the puppeteers and director screamt, "HELP!"

To be continued...

Suggestion for Flash Game

2010-05-21 11:18:08 by YehYehYeh

Right, I've been waiting for something like this for a long time:

You play as the protagonist, (insert female name here), and get a mission to (insert mission here) on/in a boat/ship/plane/helicopter/island/beac h/city/wherever and there are lots of hot guys with jobs you'll love. (E.g. erotic dancers, maids, cooks...)

These guys have text boxes and certain tastes. But you know one thing, they're all willing to be your bitch at least once.

You can make love in various positions with these hotties, like 69, anal, cowgirl, etc. BUT it's not going to be easy. These guys aren't New York street whores who'll do just about anybody. You need to take your time with them.

What do you think? Here's hoping a game like this (sexy for girls) will come out.

Script: Virtual Reality Becomes a Reality

2010-05-21 03:46:09 by YehYehYeh

Ashleigh Hill
Ashleigh is the main hero of the story. Confident and a bit of a rush, and quite immature in a mature way. She is sixteen and acts almost as if she was a little girl. She has tan skin, smooth curves, and light blue eyes. She wears a sleeveless (rips where the sleeves would be) shirt revealing her stomach (a ripped style bottom) in an army pattern. She wears a dark green army pattern mini skirt.

Jou Lenton
Jou is Ashleigh's best friend and at heart is in love with her. He wears a baggy shirt that hangs over his thighs, and long baggy jeans.

Lady Demilia
Demilia is a young woman at the age of twenty four. She is not very well known, and she is some trouble to society. She is full of power, strength, and overrall crimes. She dresses like a rebel and wears her hair like a punk.

Scene 1

Ashleigh - (teasingly) Hey Jou! You think you're ready for today?
Jou - (shyly) Huh? Ready for...w-what?
Ashleigh - (happily) Y'know, we bought this virtual reality game...
Jou - Huh? We're playing it TODAY?!

Rule: Have fun! If you don't know how to have fun you are either a virgin, a homophobe or religious.

Who agrees?

Ok I think this should be a rule

Walkers Crisps...

2010-04-29 12:55:35 by YehYehYeh

I once ate dick flavoured Walkers Crisps...good stuff.

Know of any here on NG? I'd be happy to play one. There's hardly any naked guys with big cocks in the Hentai Galleries.

Hentai dating sim for girls: It must have a hot guy to seduce, and you MUST be able to choose what to do in the sex!